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Video Hype: Bonus Footage from Fight Camp 360 of Pacquiao vs Mosley Fans

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Here's some bonus footage from Fight Camp 360 of the hysteria at the MGM Grand on Tuesday for the arrivals of Manny Pacquiao and "Sugar" Shane Mosley.

The chanting Mosley guys came off like pro wrestling audience plants during the live feed of the arrivals on Tuesday, and they kept screaming -- in unison, mind you, so they practiced this -- "And the NEEEW! Welterweight! Champion of the World! Sugar! Shane! Mosley!" It was really weird and sort of annoying, but hey, people get excited.

I also like that we get a brief moment of Ines Sainz: Interviewer! in this video, in case people haven't seen her work. This was about as good as it gets, too. I do think I've started to turn the corner on Ines, though. It's sort of become a "so bad it's good" type of thing -- she is an awful interviewer, but she's our awful interviewer.

We'll continue to have an absurd amount of Pacquiao-Mosley coverage for in the coming days, and of course for those who are new to the site, let me remind you that we'll have live coverage of the entire pay-per-view event on Saturday starting at 9pm EDT.