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Prizefighter to Stream Live on UStream Worldwide This Saturday

Prizefighter 18 will be streaming live on UStream this weekend, available worldwide for $5.99. The stream will start tomorrow at 3pm EDT / 12pm PDT.

Here's the full lineup, and I can truly say that even if you don't recognize these names, Prizefighter is generally a super fun change of pace with the three-round format. Guys fight differently on this stage and while it's not exactly the highest-level boxing (nor is it as bad as, say, Fight Night Club), you usually get some action, even with the heavyweights.

Here's the first round lineup:

Mike Perez (13-0, 10 KO) v. Kertson Manswell (20-1, 15 KO)

Gregory Tony (14-1, 12 KO) v. Evgeny Orlov (13-8-1, 8 KO) -- yes, Kevin Johnson finally pulled out as we all expected. Word is Johnson pulled out because he's not allowed to leave the United States.

Michael Sprott (36-15, 17 KO) v. Tye Fields (45-3, 41 KO)

Konstantin Airich (16-3-2, 13 KO) v. Lucian Bot (14-0-1, 5 KO)