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Photo Gallery: Pacquiao and Mosley Bring 6,000 into the MGM Grand for Weigh-In

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

I don't mean to get on a "rant" here, because for one thing I hate "rants" on the internet (or when most annoying "ranting" stand-up comedians do them), but I have really got to get something off my chest.

When you pack 6,000 fans into the MGM Grand for a weigh-in and turn another 2,000 away because there's no more room, and then someone says, "No one cares about this fight," it really makes you question the sanity of some people. No one cares? Then why were all those people there? Why did they sell 16,000-plus seats for a big gate in Las Vegas? Why will 1 million-plus order the show tomorrow night for around $50 a pop?

If nobody cares about this fight, then what's with all these people? Boxing has a lot of issues. Matchmaking is one. Promoting is another. I readily admit this. There are a lot of marquee fights in boxing that "no one cares about." But this is not one. If you want to argue that people care for the "wrong" reasons, then fine. You can form a decent argument there. But just because some grump you read on the internet says nobody cares about this, that doesn't make it true. If anything, its greatest strength as an event and perhaps even as a fight is that a great many people do care.

Anyway, pardon my interruption. Here's the great big gallery of photos from today's weigh-in.

Photos by Tom Casino/SHOWTIME PPV











Photos by Esther Lin/SHOWTIME PPV



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