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Video: Dr. Dre and Eminem's "Die Hard" from Fight Camp 360

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The final episode of last night's Fight Camp 360 may not have matched the emotional ending of last year's "24/7" for Mayweather-Mosley, but this packed a pretty solid punch anyway. The new Dr. Dre and Eminem single "Die Hard" played over the climactic montage of Manny Pacquiao getting ready, Shane Mosley getting ready and being old, Naazim Richardson defending the old guy, and Freddie Roach just kind of being the usual Freddie Roach, and although this wouldn't rank among my favorite Dre songs (and I'm not an Eminem fan), it's, you know, pretty OK, I guess.

Actually I probably mostly find this decent because it's accompanying footage of boxing.

If that video doesn't work by the time you read this or gets pulled or whatever, there's a very high quality version at Showtime's site that supposedly you can embed, but as of press time (?) I couldn't figure out how in the hell to do it.