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Video: Pacquiao and Mosley Fighter Talent Meetings with Showtime

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We often hear TV commentators talk about what fighters said in the pre-production fighter meetings, which are essentially interviews with the on-air talent for the networks. Here, in two Fight Camp 360 bonus videos, we see Showtime's commentary team -- Al Bernstein, Antonio Tarver, James Brown, Gus Johnson, Jim Gray -- and the producers meeting with the fighters and their trainers, Naazim Richardson and Freddie Roach.

Naazim Richardson is his usual comical self here, repeating some of his recent gems, and also again bringing up his distaste for people -- including Pacquiao -- pretending he's some tiny man. Manny is a small welterweight by height and reach, but as we said a year and a half ago, really no smaller in those regards than Miguel Cotto was, and I don't remember a lot of people wondering when Cotto would finally run into someone who was too big. It's good marketing, this David vs Goliath-esque stuff, but it's not amazingly relevant anymore. He's long since proven he's fast, strong, and good enough to compete with top welterweights.