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Boxing Breakfast: Pacquiao vs Mosley Replay, Paris Hilton the Boxing Fan, and the Excited Jorge Arce

Jorge Arce's dramatic win on Saturday stole the show on the Pacquiao vs Mosley card. Now he's headed to Disneyland. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
Jorge Arce's dramatic win on Saturday stole the show on the Pacquiao vs Mosley card. Now he's headed to Disneyland. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
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Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Pacquiao vs Mosley Replay This Saturday on Showtime

Pacquiao vs Mosley will replay this Saturday on Showtime at 10pm EDT, paired with the Super Six World Boxing Classic fight between Andre Ward and Arthur Abraham. In the past, HBO has been able to expose fights to a much wider audience than usual with the Saturday PPV replays, and Showtime will obviously be hoping for the same.

Jorge Arce Lives Up to His Promise

I love this so much. Jorge Arce, the 31-year-old warrior who overcame huge odds on Saturday to stop Wilfredo Vazquez Jr. in the 12th round, spoke to's Ryan Burton about his own pre-fight prediction, and what was next for him.

"I told you! I told you! You remember right? I told you I would knock him out. I felt good for this fight. I trained hard and didn't have to lose all that weight. I trained to box and not to make weight," said an excited Arce to BoxingScene. ... Arce closed our interview by saying that he had promised his kids that he would win the title and also had a surprise for them. "I had to win this fight. I told my kids I was going to win. Now I am going to rest but first I am going to take them to Disneyland!"

The level of excitement and joy that this reads with is wonderful. Arce was counted out by everyone as too old, too shop-worn, and fighting too heavy. He took a good young fighter -- and Arce was very complimentary of Vazquez, too -- and broke him down with a great performance. I saw someone mention yesterday that Arce is still basically the perfect PPV undercard fighter, because he's not too expensive and he fights his ass off every time. It's hard to disagree.

By the way, can you imagine if instead of Ray Narh's diarrhea we instead had Soto-Antillon II? For one thing, the card would have been received much better even with the poor main event, and for another thing, the main event would have seemed even worse.

Bad Left Hook: The Only Boxing Web Site That Paris Hilton Follows on Twitter

If only that were catchier, I'd make it the site's tagline. After I penned a public apology (which I was serious about) here, Paris Hilton tweeted that the apology was accepted. What a nice young woman. She shot some eyes our way that never would have read our site, and that was very nice of her. So now I'd like to publicly thank Paris for that, because she certainly didn't have to do it.

As a note, Ms. Hilton is planning a trip to the Philippines to look into some business ventures, and plans to visit Manny and Jinkee Pacquiao while there.

Fight Chatter

  • Cristian Mijares now has a new opponent for Saturday in Durango, Mexico. Raul Martinez pulled out of the fight, and is now replaced by Carlos Rueda.
  • The May 20 edition of Friday Night Fights has a retooled main event. Joel Julio will not face Antwone Smith, who pulled out with an injury, or Willie Nelson, the busted prospect from a recent ShoBox, who was reported as the new opponent before his promoter said he's also injured. Instead, Julio will face Anges Adjaho, a decent professional opponent familiar from fights against -- and losses to -- Shawn Porter, Mark Melligen, Miguel Acosta, Antonio DeMarco and Brad Solomon.

The Boxing Breakfast Burning Question

Do you think Kelly Pavlik is going to be a serious contender at 168 pounds?

After the jump: Song of the Day

Song of the Day

Hey, I admitted even before the apology that I like this song. Plus, it's summery, and we're getting close to the summer months. Nice weather here.

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