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Video: Wladimir Klitschko and David Haye Stare at One Another Forever

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The headline says it all. Really, sit through this whole thing.

I mean this happens all the time, but we rarely get a glimpse of a full press conference, and I always find it funny to see how long some of these guys willingly hold onto the staredown pose. If you don't have your "staredown shot" within like three snaps, what the hell kind of photographer are you? Even if there are a ton of photographers there who need to get into position, just take the thing and go. This should be a fast-moving queue, wouldn't you think?

"Alright, staredown shots, everyone in line. Alright, got it, next! Next! Next!"

It just doesn't seem that crazy to me. Ringside photographers get their "Referee Raises the Smiling Winner's Hand (And Maybe Points to Him) Shot" really easily from all different angles, and it doesn't take three damn minutes, you know?

Eventually, this video does become creepy. Especially if you watch it four straight times.

Anyway, there's a look at a different type of boxing moment: The processed intensity of the staredown.