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Troy Ross Targeting Tonight's ShoBox Winner

Cruiserweight contender Troy Ross is targeting the winner of tonight's ShoBox main event between Lateef "Power" Kayode and Matt Godfrey, hoping to get back in line for a title shot.

"I think Kayode-Godfrey is a 50-50 fight and I want a shot at the winner," Ross said. "Cunningham seems unwilling to fight me again for whatever reasons, but Kayode and Godfrey are legitimate, throwback-type fighters who both only want to fight the best. I really admire their fighting spirits and I think they're going to have a great fight. The winner has an open invitation to fight me later this summer. All he needs to do is have his promoter contact mine."

Ross (24-2, 16 KO) was giving Steve Cunningham a hell of a fight last June before it was stopped in the fifth round on a cut, a TKO-5 win for the American titlist. Cunningham had been down in the fourth round.

The trouble with Ross, mainly, is that he doesn't fight enough. After Cunningham, he fought Carl Handy in October, but has been inactive since. He won the largely-ignored fourth season of "The Contender," and is a legit contender, but he's still largely unknown, and his style and skills make that lack of name value an even bigger issue in getting him good fights.

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