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Photos and Quotes: Kayode, Avalos and Hovhanessyan Win on ShoBox

Lateef Kayode

"We said we were going to cut off the ring and that's what we did. People here know what I can do now. They've seen what I can do. Now it's on to bigger things."

Freddie Roach

"I thought we would finish (Godfey) off earlier, but he took some good shots. It's OK we went the distance. (Kayode) needs rounds. Overall I thought it was a good performance."

Steve Farhood (Showtime Analyst)

"Kayode is what he is. Boxers are always going to give him trouble, but he graduated tonight. And now he can aim for bigger things than ShoBox, which is a compliment."

(Photos by Tom Casino/SHOWTIME)




Chris Avalos

"He came at me with exactly what I expected. But we stuck with our game plan and it worked. I hurt him with my straight right several times."

Khabir Suleymanov

"He didn't hurt me. I feel fine."



Art Hovhanessyan

"I was just very confident I would win this fight. He's good and he has speed but I never thought I'd lose. He's undefeated but so am I. I'm ready now for any fight. I'm ready for anyone."

Steve Farhood

"Hovhannesyan fought a very smart fight tonight. He sucked Marquez in and he drew him right into his web."




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