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Amir Khan Still Talking Up a Potential Mayweather Fight

Amir Khan hopes to land a future fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr as early as next year. (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)
Amir Khan hopes to land a future fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr as early as next year. (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)
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He's said it before, of course, but Amir Khan tells The Daily Star that he's still looking to land a fight next year with Floyd Mayweather Jr:

"If Floyd [beats Victor Ortiz] it would set up a corking fight between us – the type of fight that every boxing fan would love to see. It would be a cracking fight. How about  having it in the UK?

"I want to meet the best-ranked fighters around and they don’t come any better than Floyd Mayweather, do they?"

I have great personal interest in a potential Mayweather vs Khan fight, as I have in the past talked up Khan as a guy who could beat Mayweather down the line, but that was back when Khan was fighting off doubters and skeptics at a greater level than he is now, and seems almost an age ago. Khan (25-1, 17 KO) has in the meantime garnered his best wins, but at the same time has shown chinks in his armor that I didn't know he had a couple years ago, which has come from fighting better competition.

As for Mayweather (41-0, 25 KO), he's Mayweather until proven otherwise. Both of them have fights coming up -- Khan faces Zab Judah on July 23, while Floyd returns to take on Victor Ortiz on September 17. And while I heavily favor Khan and Mayweather in those fights, neither are the type that should be overlooked.

As for what I'd think of Mayweather vs Khan now, it's pretty simple. If they both went into a fight against each other as the same fighters they are right now, I'd have Khan a more serious underdog than I would have two years ago when I thought more of Khan's overall package. It's not that I think Khan has become a worse fighter, it's that now he has more known qualities and flaws. We know more where he excels and where he has some issues. I think his issues in large part nullify things like his hand speed in a matchup with Mayweather -- Floyd would, I'm guessing, pick him apart once he got him timed. But that's just a "for now" scenario.

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