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Alvarez vs Rhodes Odds: Canelo a Ridiculously Wide Betting Favorite

Tonight's main event in Mexico between Saul "Canelo" Alvarez and Ryan Rhodes features a young buck against a solid veteran who, stylistically, appears to give him a few problems. But the oddsmakers have this fight down to be a one-sided nothing, giving Alvarez huge odds:

Sportsbook Alvarez Rhodes
5Dimes -900 +600
BetUS -900 +550
Bodog -1200 +600
SBG Global -900 +600 -875 +575

These odds are as wide or wider than those given to Manny Pacquiao against Shane Mosley in May. We're talking odds that make betting on Alvarez practically useless unless you're a serious high roller, meaning that for most of the world the only bet worth a nickel or two is the Ryan Rhodes upset, which not many are actually picking, so I guess in that respect these are completely understandable lines. Rhodes is seen as potential trouble, but it does not appear he's seen as a potential victor, and that's the difference here.

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