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Video: Carl Froch and Glen Johnson at the Final Presser

Here you have video from yesterday's press conference, the final media meeting between Carl Froch and Glen Johnson before they hit the scales on Friday and then enter the ring in Atlantic City on Saturday.

The following two videos are from something called The Kristal Hart Show. At first I thought this show was some kind of hipster ordeal with the logo:


But then I realized that it was not only legitimate, but kind of awesome, and that the interviews were perfectly useful for my sinister purposes (blogging), and I sort of felt like a dick, you know, being all judgmental at first. Kristal Hart has all kinds of boxing interviews up -- here's the YouTube channel.

I think I'd wear a t-shirt with that logo, too. I'm mad into The Kristal Hart show now. Anyway, her videos for Carl Froch vs Glen Johnson are after the jump, as each talks and talks and talks some more.

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