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Prizefighter Draw: Witter Gets Graham, Lynes Gets Gladman

The draw for the upcoming June 7 edition of Prizefighter has been announced, and here are the first round matchups:

Kevin McIntyre (28-7, 9 KO) vs John Wayne Hibbert (7-0, 4 KO)
Colin Lynes (34-8, 12 KO) vs Bobby Gladman (7-0-1, 0 KO)
Junior Witter (37-4-2, 22 KO) vs Nathan Graham (11-2, 5 KO)
Yassine El Maachi (14-4, 5 KO) vs Peter McDonagh (16-20, 2 KO)

There's nothing particularly intriguing in the first round, and has been the case many times in the Prizefighter past, the tournament field is set up to possibly lead to an "interesting" final bout that will likely get knocked off along the way, this time that being a potential Witter vs Lynes rematch. The two are definitely the class of the field, but something tells me the desired final won't come about. As much as I don't like him, Yassine El Maachi could be a real pain here, and you never know with someone who has a record like Hibbert's, as we saw with Rocky Fielding earlier this year, who came out of nowhere to win a tournament.

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