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Video: Devon Alexander Promises to Win 20 Straight Starting with Matthysse

Here's a video of Devon Alexander talking and working out on Monday. Alexander faces Lucas Matthysse on Saturday night, live on HBO. Kevin Cunningham also weighs in.

Alexander: "After my first defeat, it's to prove to people that I'm the best 140-pounder in the division. I'm still dangerous and capable of doing whatever I can do in the ring. And I wanna prove to people that I'm Hall of Fame material, and I can achieve anything I want to achieve from there and now on. I made a promise to myself that I'd win 20 fights straight, and this is number one."

"The people that believed in me were right. And come June 25th, you guys are gonna see why you guys thought -- not thought, but know, that I'm the best 140-pounder in the division."

"(Matthysse) is very dangerous. He has a 92% ratio, knockout percentage. He's no cakewalk and you gotta be willing to stand up to that power. He's a good fighter. I take nothing from him. But June 25th is just the wrong night for him."

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