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Video: Mike Jones Is a Work in Progress

Here's a three-minute video on Mike Jones, who fights Raul Munoz on Top Rank Live this Saturday night on Fox Sports Net.

We had some good Jones discussion yesterday after Bob Arum said he could be a 2012 opponent for Manny Pacquiao, and it seems like at 28, what little hype there ever was has faded and diehard boxing fans are having some difficulty buying Jones as a serious threat at 147 pounds. That could change, of course. Look, most fighters have bad nights at some point, and Jones made some huge tactical mistakes last November in his debated win over Jesus Soto Karass, but he also rematched JSK in February and beat him convincingly.

Saturday he's in against a pure club fighter in Raul Munoz (22-13-1, 16 KO), so this is not the fight to learn anything new about Jones. Hopefully, Top Rank and Peltz Boxing can soon get him that next step. He wants it and desperately needs it if he's going to make any advancements -- or even if he's not, it's time to find out what he's really made of.

Just to make clear how weak an opponent Munoz is, he's got a grand total of one win in his entire pro career that came against a guy with a winning record, and that was a then 7-1 Grover Wiley in Munoz's pro debut in Omaha back in 1995. This is, to be quite honest, a disgraceful matchup that shouldn't be happening. There are a lot of credible but "safe" opponents out there that Jones could have fought, but instead they went with...this.

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