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Video: Max Kellerman Previews Alexander vs Matthysse

Here's a quick video of Max Kellerman and Jim Lampley previewing Saturday night's Boxing After Dark main event between Devon Alexander and Lucas Matthysse.

Kellerman: "The question is, do people really want to see Devon Alexander after it looked like he quit against Tim Bradley? And I don't just mean at the end of the fight. He really didn't engage Bradley all fight long, and turned it into an ugly, boring, disappointing fight. On the other hand, we have seen Devon Alexander on HBO, look spectacular against a face-first, tough, big punching brawler not totally unlike Matthysse, in Juan Urango. The question is, does that Alexander re-emerge given the right style in front of him, or does Matthysse have just enough craft and just enough toughness to turn into Alexander into the kind of running, more amateurish fighter we saw against Timothy Bradley?"

I think Kellerman's breakdown is pretty spot-on -- I'm picking Matthysse, but if Alexander is able to use his speed to make Matthysse look bad, I can certainly see him winning a convincing decision. To me, this is pretty much a pick'em fight, and I've found that as the fight draws near, I'm becoming very interested to see what Alexander looks like against a good, big-punching fighter, especially coming off of not just a loss, but two straight weak performances.

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