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Friday Global Boxing Results: Molina, Kirkland, Vera All Victorious

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Temecula, California

  • John Molina RTD-5 Rob Frankel: Frankel (28-11-1, 5 KO) was stopped by referee Raul Caiz Jr between the fifth and sixth rounds due to some pretty bad cuts and the fact that his right eye was swollen shut. Tough break for him, as Molina (23-1, 19 KO) wasn't having the easiest time with him, even though the tide had turned. Molina seems like this is about his peak level to me.
  • Mauricio Herrera MD-10 Mike Dallas Jr: Herrera improves to 18-1 (7 KO), while Dallas is now 17-2-1 (7 KO) with his second straight loss on FNF. Dallas was gutted, thinking he'd won. I scored it for Dallas, but the fight was fairly close. CompuBox stats are here if you're interested.
  • Javier Molina UD-6 Hector Alatorre: 21-year-old Molina improves to 8-0 (4 KO) with a decision win over Alatorre, who has now finally fallen to .500 at 16-16 (5 KO). He's lost 16 of his last 18 dating back to 2006.

Frisco, Texas

  • Bryan Vera KO-8 Eloy Suarez: Vera wasn't at his best, but he mostly battered Suarez (11-12-1, 5 KO) and stopped him in the eighth round. Vera improves to 19-5  (12 KO).
  • James Kirkland KO-1 Dennis Sharpe: As expected, Sharpe (17-8-3, 4 KO) provided no resistance to Kirkland (28-1, 25 KO) in Kirkland's first fight with Ann Wolfe since being released from prison. It ended at 2:18 due mainly to body shots, which floored Sharpe twice. Sharpe still hasn't won a fight since 2004. Kirkland did look in better shape at 160 pounds than he did in April losing to Nobuhiro Ishida, but the real difference in the fights was that Ishida knows how to box and has educated technique, which is not the case for Sharpe.

Miami, Florida

  • Javier Castro KO-2 Jesus Pabon: Well this one wasn't supposed to happen, but it did. I hesitate to call it an upset, since Pabon (17-2, 11 KO) has hardly been beating great fighters, and he's had chin issues in the past. But Castro (25-4, 20 KO) was definitely supposed to be the opponent here, having lost his last two coming in. It might be time for Puerto Rican fighters to stay away from their Mexican rivals for a little bit here. Maybe have a big Puerto Rican fighter meeting and figure this thing out.

Southport, Australia

  • Kali Meehan KO-1 Michael Kirby: As Brick mentioned the other day, this is a win that makes Meehan (38-4, 31 KO) the "heavyweight champion" of the WBF, a title you might recall Evander Holyfield winning last year. This means that Meehan, now 41, can say he was heavyweight champ of the world. There you go. Kirby is now 9-4-2 (5 KO).

Bangkok, Thailand

  • Wanheng Menayothin UD-12 Florante Condes: This is by far the best win in the career of Menayothin (17-0, 4 KO), as Condes (25-6-1, 21 KO) is still a credible fighter and in recent years has lost only to Nkosinathi Joyi and Raul Garcia, two of the best little guys in the world. No idea if the scoring was fair, or what the scores were.

El Paso, Texas

  • David Rodriguez KO-3 Owen Beck: Rodriguez (35-0, 33 KO) is allegedly the heavyweight division's best-kept secret, but y'know, color me still skeptical. He's 33 years old and the beyond-faded Beck (29-8, 20 KO) is probably his best win to date. He doesn't appear to have any serious ambition for his career, but maybe eventually they can cash him out in a weak title shot.

More results will be added as they come in.

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