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Bad Left Hook Weekly Boxing Rankings for June 27: Despite Win, Alexander Drops

Corny as it may sound, the stocks of Felix Sturm and Matthew Macklin both went up on Saturday. (Photo by Alex Grimm/Bongarts/Getty Images)
Corny as it may sound, the stocks of Felix Sturm and Matthew Macklin both went up on Saturday. (Photo by Alex Grimm/Bongarts/Getty Images)
Bongarts/Getty Images

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There was some notable action this weekend, resulting in one of those weeks where traditional rankings advocates will find me to be an insane person.

Junior Welterweight

Alright, look -- as far as rankings go, I can overlook what I consider to be one gift win. But two? Then we're getting to a point where I don't think Devon Alexander has looked good in three fights, didn't deserve to win either of the two he did, and how can I keep calling him the No. 4 junior welterweight when I clearly don't think he really is? If you're looking for win-loss standings, I'm not your guy.

Alexander falls to No. 8 -- behind both of the guys he's "beaten" in his last two wins, Lucas Matthysse and Andriy Kotelnik. Here's a quick glance:

  1. Timothy Bradley
  2. Amir Khan
  3. Marcos Maidana
  4. Andriy Kotelnik
  5. Lamont Peterson
  6. Zab Judah
  7. Lucas Matthysse
  8. Devon Alexander
  9. Paul McCloskey
  10. Erik Morales

No matter, it turns out, as Alexander will be leaving for welterweight in his next fight. But I do still feel he's top ten in this weight class for the time being, which isn't a shame. The seven guys I have ahead of him can really fight, and three of them have proven it against Devon himself. I also have deep love for this division because everyone in this top ten has recently fought someone else in this top ten. This is a division of guys who actually fight the other good fighters. That is not common, and we have another top ten matchup (Khan vs Judah) coming in July, while Peterson will fight Victor Cayo who is in the top 15 or so. The one guy just outside the top ten (he's my No. 11) that I think could make some real noise if his head is on straight is Kendall Holt, who I'd seriously give a shot to beat any single fighter in this division on any given night. Holt is the division's wild card and I hope he gets a big chance sooner than later to prove his comeback is the real deal.


Matthew Macklin was sitting at No. 9 last week before fighting No. 2 Felix Sturm on Saturday. This week, despite the controversial, much-debated loss to Sturm, Macklin moves up to No. 7, while Sturm holds firm behind division ruler Sergio Martinez. I'd have liked to have pushed Macklin a little higher, but truth is I think he is just a good style matchup for Sturm specifically, and fought the best fight of his career. I think he'd have trouble with anyone above him, and would have a hard time picking him against those fighters. Here's a quick look at middleweight:

  1. Sergio Martinez
  2. Felix Sturm
  3. Paul Williams
  4. Dmitry Pirog
  5. Gennady Golovkin
  6. Daniel Geale
  7. Matthew Macklin
  8. Hassan N'dam N'jikam
  9. Marco Antonio Rubio
  10. Darren Barker

After Martinez, I think it's a really competitive division. Williams will be out and back to 154 on July 9. Sergio's an awful matchup for every single guy in this division -- it's really not that he's so great or unbeatable or anything, but his style should be favored to carve up everyone else here.

Minor Movements

With his move to super bantamweight and a win over Nehomar Cermeno on Saturday, Fernando Montiel is in at a tentative No. 10 at 122 pounds, replacing Masaaki Serie. Taking Montiel's place at bantamweight is Shinsuke Yamanaka.

Ranked Fighters in Action This Weekend

Heavyweight : No. 1 Wladimir Klitschko (55-3, 49 KO) vs No. 3 David Haye (25-1, 23 KO)

Cruiserweight: No. 10 Ola Afolabi (16-2-3, 7 KO) vs Terry Dunstan (24-3, 14 KO)

Featherweight: No. 6 Celestino Caballero (34-3, 23 KO) vs No. 10 Jonathan Victor Barros (32-1-1, 18 KO)

Flyweight : No. 1 Pongsaklek Wonjongkam (80-3-1, 44 KO) vs Takuya Kogawa (17-1, 10 KO)

Flyweight: No. 5 Edgar Sosa (42-6, 25 KO) vs Julio Paz (12-1, 4 KO)

Flyweight: No. 6 Hernan Marquez (30-2, 23 KO) vs Edrin Dapudong (22-3, 13 KO)

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