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Video: Klitschko vs Haye Staredown at Final Press Conference

Here's three minutes of staring, David Haye jawing, and the camps of he and world heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko getting into it juuuust a little bit:

So, armchair boxing psychologists, even though you can't see Wladimir's face until late in the video, are you reading anything into this one?

I do like the part after when Vitali in his Team Klitschko jacket has joined the groups on stage. Would any damnfool boxer or his camp be man enough to really try to start some ruckus at a presser with one of these guys? Let's say you get a shot in on one, let's say you dry gulch the fella and knock him out. There's still the OTHER ONE to deal with, and he's gonna be pissed. There's something about the brothers standing there together, smiling that confident, cool smile of theirs, that just makes for a great image. I do like David Haye, but through all of this he's just bringing something out of the Klitschkos that is making me like them more and more. Those guys are cool.

Anyway, apparently the most truly heated part of the presser came between Klitschko trainer Emanuel Steward and Haye coach Paddy Fitzpatrick. Steward offered to fight Fitzpatrick outside according to some reports. I love Emanuel Steward.

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