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Video: The Strange Ending of Fernando Montiel vs Nehomar Cermeno

This past Saturday in Mexico, Fernando Montiel moved up to the super bantamweight division and picked up a TKO-3 win over Nehomar Cermeno. The post-fight reports indicated that Cermeno and his team basically gave up on the fight between rounds, with Cermeno counted at at 0:10 of the third round, which never really started. Here's video from the second round, including the fight's strange ending:

While it's not exactly easy to tell just what happened, it's clear that Cermeno was OK with quitting, and his team has said as much:

Cermeño told his corner to throw in the towel after two rounds. Cermeno's trainer said it was his fighter's decision to quit on the stool. The trainer begged for his fighter to continue and made several attempts to re-insert the mouthpiece.

That quick article says it was a liver shot, and that's about what I can make out given the fact that the camera work isn't so great and the two were in very close quarters at the time.

But anyway, there's the scoop and the footage for those who were wondering.

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