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Video: Amir Khan vs Zab Judah on HBO Buzz

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

HBO Buzz is back with some boxing, as the cameras were rolling at the Amir Khan vs Zab Judah press conference recently to promote their July 23 fight in Las Vegas.

I think Richard Schaefer is hyping this right, basically calling it a crossroads fight without insulting the validity of Judah as a top-tier challenger anymore. I still think there's a very, very good argument that if Judah wins this fight, it's the best win of his career. Overall, I don't think his W-L record is aging so hot when you really spend more than a minute examining it and throw out the name value of Zab Judah.

As a quick aside, have you ever wondered if he became famous in part because he has a cool name?

After the jump: Amir Khan's Reebok commercial.

HEY! Here's this. I'd never seen this because I don't think this ever aired in the States as nobody here knows who Amir Khan is, really. It's Amir Khan's ZigTech commercial for Reebok.

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