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Video: The Incredibly Awful Mayweather vs Ortiz Press Conference Promo

Thankfully, someone has gotten this up on YouTube today, because I about lost my mind trying to watch this earlier. I was either going to cry, die, or pee from laughing at how insanely stupid and cheesy this video is. If you have 11 minutes of your time to kill, this is a super fun way to do it. I cannot really put this thing into words.

Now give yourself a moment after you've watched this. Truly reflect on the otherworldly goofiness you've just endured. These promo videos are always a laugh, but this one is a true cake-taker. Good grief.

Also, Oscar de la Hoya had a real superstar morning on Twitter, which drove me half-nuts itself. A few highlights:

I had a feeling with mosley Marquez and HATTON.this is different with victor I have a hunch.and when having the hunch I'm 4and oless than a minute ago via Twitterrific Favorite Retweet Reply

You see mayweather had an easy time with Marquez and because of age and the other is a lightweight.less than a minute ago via Twitterrific Favorite Retweet Reply

Oscar apparently has forgotten -- or hopes we have -- that he put his heart and soul into promoting the Mayweather vs Marquez farce and wHo R u PiCkInG?!?? with Shane Mosley last year, because it's convenient right now as those are the two guys Manny Pacquiao will face this year. For all the, "Sorry, Uncle Bob and Manny who is so great," it appears that once the lawsuit has been dropped, the same little snipes will always come forward. And why not, I guess? I mean, where do you think he learned promoter stuff from? Why, Bob Arum, of course.

Also, Oscar's feelings are useless, but his hunches mean you should put your savings down with the local bookie.

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