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Hopkins vs Dawson Undercard: Kendall Holt vs Lucas Matthysse Discussed

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Dan Rafael of tweeted tonight that there have been talks between Gary Shaw Productions and Golden Boy Promotions to put together what could be a cracking fight in the 140 pound division between Kendall Holt and Lucas Matthysse.

Matthysse (28-2, 26 KO) is coming off of a very controversial loss in Devon Alexander's hometown this past Saturday night, and last year was the victim of another highly debatable decision against Zab Judah, accounting for the only two losses of his pro career thus far.

Holt (27-4, 15 KO) returned to the ring this year re-focused and re-energized, it appears, as he's laid waste to Lenin Arroyo and Julio Diaz thus far in 2011, after fighting just once in 2010, which saw him all out of sorts in a terrible February loss to Kaizer Mabuza.

Whether or not Matthysse is itching to leave Argentina again after being, in his mind, screwed over twice in the States might be a problem, especially if it winds up in Atlantic City, as Holt is from New Jersey. But if the fight ends up in Canada, it could be very palatable for him. Both are credible fighters needing a big win right now, and both can turn the lights out if they connect. The other day I said I think Holt is the division's true wild card, a guy I'd give a shot against anyone in the 140-pound division, and I really believe that. But Matthysse has proven he can hang with the top names, too, and that speed disadvantages aren't a big problem for him.

This would definitely be a fight that might help some fans give more thought to ordering the October 15 pay-per-view. Hopkins vs Dawson is about as "good" a fight as you can make at light heavyweight, but it's not an appetizing watch on paper by any stretch of the imagination. The show is also taking place between super PPV events in September (Mayweather vs Ortiz) and November (Pacquiao vs Marquez III). Boxing fans could start tightening the old budget, and Hopkins vs Dawson could shape up to be a huge flop.

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