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Video: Manny Pacquiao's Second HP Commercial

By now you've no doubt seen Manny Pacquiao's first commercial for Hewlett-Packard, which is also his first real endorsement push in the United States. Here's the second commercial, which officially debuts on July 9:

My favorite part has got to be the fake fight poster featuring Pacquiao matched up with what appears to be a big light heavyweight at least, but I also dig that "Sometimes When We Touch" has made it to another platform. I love that stupid song now. Thanks a lot, Manny.

I think this is all just the start for Manny in commercials and the like. He's got that goofy charm that is just plain unlike anyone else in boxing. He's so laid back and seems to lack the ability to get all super serious. A lot of fighters like to mean mug. Manny puts in his work, smiles, and does his job. No bombshell HBO Faceoffs, no shoving matches, nothing of the sort. It's too bad that Manny Ramirez coined "Manny Being Manny" first.

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