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Andre Berto Denies Saying What He Said About Victor Ortiz

Andre Berto is doing himself no favors by denying his accusations toward Victor Ortiz. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
Andre Berto is doing himself no favors by denying his accusations toward Victor Ortiz. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
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Andre Berto is trying to cool the heat from what he said about Victor Ortiz on Twitter, but, well, I'm not sure he's helping himself here by continuing to talk. Here's what Berto told Lem Satterfield:

"Man, there were no accusations at all, man. He came to fight and he was the better man that night. That's it. What did I say? Tell me what did I say? Did I say that this guy was on this or that? What did I say? I didn't say that."

OK, here's what Andre Berto said, unedited from his Twitter, with the posts -- in order -- numbered:

(1) Yo this is the main question I get from fans and boxing people. Did they drug test Ortiz? (2) Let me clear the air now!! Your right there is a reason why Ortiz had so much energy, a reason he could take my heavy shots and keep ticking (3) N there is a reason why he came into the ring 165 pounds. I know people close to him and his camp and I know exactly we he was taking (4) it wasn't Flintstone vitamins!! But it is what it is I should of beat him anyways but it wasn't me that night. Ortiz wasn't him either lol (5) Lesson learned time to forget about the past and look forward to the future. (6) Never bitter never sour Ortiz fought a good fight and got the W. I take my L like a man n come back better Iam lookin forward 2 the rematch

He later tried to say he meant Ortiz was on his spinach like Popeye (y'know, "lol"), but I just don't think anyone's buying the backtracking.

Berto is going to the "I didn't say anything specific!" defense, but the facts are he said "drug test," and gee, maybe it's only me (it isn't), but I just don't think it's too hard to infer that Berto was saying Ortiz was on something illegal when he also declares concern or suspicion about Ortiz weighing 165 on fight night. It does not take a cynic to assume Berto is insinuating Ortiz took performance-enhancing drugs.

And as has been drudged up again with this mess, it's not the first time Berto has stuck his foot in his mouth via his Twitter, as he made an incredibly controversial Tweet after the Edwin Valero tragedy in April 2010. Afterward, he tried the same "Hey I didn't say what I clearly said" tactic that time, too. Most guys seem able to use social media without controversy or messes, but this is a couple of big ones for Berto.

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