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Video: Victor Ortiz Speaks After Last Night's Press Conference

Victor Ortiz was polite in New York, and got all theatrical in Los Angeles. (Photo by Daniel Barry/Getty Images)
Victor Ortiz was polite in New York, and got all theatrical in Los Angeles. (Photo by Daniel Barry/Getty Images)
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Here's some video of "Vicious" Victor Ortiz following last night's press conference in Los Angeles, as he speaks with the media after speaking to the media:

Ortiz: "I love Golden Boy, man. I have nothing at all negative or bad to say about them. They believed in me when I fell. Completely. Fell off the surface of the earth. Everybody acted like they couldn't even talk to me. I rebuilt myself, and I became this person, and then comes that fight where it was a draw -- are you kidding me? I wonder how much they paid those judges. ... I go five fights whippin' everybody, knockin' 'em out even, and I don't get any kind of credit, any kind of nothing, just another slap in the face. So I finally say, 'You know what? Everybody at 140 is fearing me at this point in time. No one wants a piece.' Maidana, I was mandatory to Maidana, and I was 'scared' of Maidana, and that didn't happen. Why? Don't ask me. Ask him."

Ortiz's claim of "mandatory" confused me at first, but then I remembered what he was talking about. It was the situation after Amir Khan became "super champion" of the WBA, and Ortiz and Maidana were the 1-2 contenders and could have fought for the "regular" title of the WBA in a rematch. Ortiz alleges Maidana turned it down. I'm not sure if it helped that Ortiz drew Peterson on the night Khan beat Maidana, but that's a whole other story.

There's a lot more after that, but this is something we'll talk about on the one-day late podcast later on Thursday. That is going to be, I warn you, probably something of a super-sized edition of the show. I've got a lot to say about Victor Ortiz (good and bad), thoughts on Mayweather the last couple of days, plenty to say about Klitschko vs Haye, and some things to say about the Sturm vs Macklin and Alexander vs Matthysse fights, so this one could get really long.

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