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Andre Berto Rocking Boxing's Traditional Post-Loss Tattoos

Andre Berto lost his first fight in April, so of course by boxing law of recent years he's gone out and gotten some new tattoos. This is from his official Twitter:


This is a topic that has been brought up a lot on the site. For the most part I feel like tattoos are, quite frankly, just tattoos, but as has been noted here and as is nicely illustrated via photo gallery at, this is not the best sign when it happens after a devastating loss. Recent examples have included Miguel Cotto after Margarito; Margarito after Shane Mosley; Mosley after his divorce, post-Margarito and pre-Mayweather; and Kelly Pavlik after losing to Sergio Martinez, and then a stint in rehab.

Berto's work is most obviously similar to Mosley's, and what a coinkydink that is, given that Berto and Mosley were supposed to fight in January 2010, but that was called off after the terrible earthquake in Haiti led to Berto pulling out of the fight, which set up the freshly-inked Mosley to face Mayweather, and led Berto to a wasted year in 2010 that led to his first loss this year to Victor Ortiz. And now Ortiz is facing Mayweather. It's all becoming clear to me now. All roads to Mayweather run through Andre Berto. Fact. Mark it down.

I know some take this a lot more seriously (well, "seriously") than I do, so who's calling it? Is Andre Berto mentally wrecked after the loss? Are his tattoos a sure sign of his demise?

(Note: This is in good fun. I don't think this changes anyone's mind about Berto in any grand fashion, but the tattoo thing is a bit of a trip in that it just keeps happening.)


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