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Amir Khan Not Sure How Long He'll Stay at 140

Amir Khan isn't long for the junior welterweight division. (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)
Amir Khan isn't long for the junior welterweight division. (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)
Getty Images

On his official training blog, Amir Khan says training is going well for his July 23 junior weltwerweight trinket unification bout with Zab Judah on HBO, but that he's not sure how much longer he'll stay at 140 pounds:

I’m not sure how many fights I have left at 140, I want to unify the division and then move up and face some of the tops guys at welterweight, there are some really big names there. I would never fight Manny because we are in the same stable and share the same trainer, we are also very good friends now so that matchup isn’t one I would look to. But there are some other potential great fights out there like Floyd Mayweather, Victor Ortiz and Andre Berto. But for the time being I need to take care of business in the light-welterweight division first and that starts with Judah in Las Vegas next month.

Khan (25-1, 17 KO) is hopefully not overlooking Judah (41-6, 28 KO). I think Khan deserves to be a big favorite, and that a Judah win would be a true upset, and that Judah is way, way, way past his best, and that he hasn't looked very good in his last two fights including his RUN AWAY! tactics late against Lucas Matthysse.

But even still, Judah is good enough that Khan better be focused entirely on Zab Judah, because that's how I could see Khan screwing the pooch in this fight. He still has a tendency to get way overconfident and even cocky, as he showed in spurts with Maidana and against Paul McCloskey even though McCloskey basically did nothing effectively in the fight. I don't think Amir's worst enemy is his chin anymore, I think it might be his arrogance.

But that's just armchair silliness -- he says he's focused, he probably is. And it wouldn't stun me if this is his last fight at 140 pounds. Without Timothy Bradley, there's not a ton left for him there unless he rematches Maidana or faces Robert Guerrero. I don't think he seems all that interested in picking Erik Morales' bones, and I doubt he wants to fight Matthysse, who is at this point high-risk, low-reward material.

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