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Froch vs Johnson Odds: 'Cobra' the Favorite Over 'Gentleman' Glen

Carl Froch is a fairly heavy favorite over veteran Glen Johnson for tonight's Super Six World Boxing Clasic semifinal bout in Atlantic City. Here are the lines from four sportsbooks:

Sportsbook Froch Johnson
BetUS -400 +300
Bodog -500 +300
Odds Shark -460 +365 -500 +300

What I think we see here is a clear case of the books not getting too excited about Johnson, who at 42 hasn't beaten a top fighter in a while now, while Froch has been in there with top competition and last time out dominated Arthur Abraham. The odds seem wide at first, I think, but when you really get down to what's what here, are fair, in my opinion. Chances are Froch does enough to win this fight -- he's younger, and he's a very good fighter who at the least should be expected to "do enough to win," while Johnson has a long history of not getting close fights to go his way. So even if it's close, odds are Froch is the better man these days. It's no disrespect to Johnson, whose underdog odds might seem a worthy gamble for many bettors, at least on a small wager.

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