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Zbik vs Chavez Odds: JCC Jr the Betting Favorite


It might not be the most interesting fight for diehard fans, but the betting lines for Sebastian Zbik vs Julio Cesar Chavez Jr are at least a little bit interesting. The 25-year-old Chavez is looking to pick up Zbik's WBC middleweight title tonight in Los Angeles, and add something a little more legit to his budding legacy, and maybe, just maybe, escape his father's shadow in even the smallest of ways.

Sportsbook Zbik Chavez
BetUS +165 -210
Bodog +190 -250
Odds Shark +185 -225 +190 -240

Chavez (42-0-1, 30 KO) might be favored simply because he's more well-known, will have home field advantage, and is trained by Freddie Roach. Zbik (30-0, 10 KO) is, like Chavez, not a special fighter by any means, but the oddsmakers seem to realize that money will come in for Chavez here, while the largely unknown (in the U.S.) Zbik is considered yet another patsy for the young Mexican superstar. I really don't have any firm feeling on how this fight will go. I'm not a Zbik fan by any means, but there is the real chance that he's simply too good for a fighter who has in the past struggled with Matt Vanda and Luciano Cuello. This one seems a risky gamble either way.

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