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Saturday Global Boxing Results: Froch, Chavez, Kessler All Victorious

Carl Froch is headed to the finals of the Super Six World Boxing Classic. (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)
Carl Froch is headed to the finals of the Super Six World Boxing Classic. (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)
Getty Images
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Atlantic City, New Jersey (Full Recap)

  • Carl Froch MD-12 Glen Johnson: Froch advances to the Super Six final with a well-earned win over veteran Johnson, who cracked Froch with a lot of good right hands but just can't keep pace with raelly good fighters the way he used to, and that's not backtracking. He's still competitive, but the same thing has happened against Froch, Tavoris Cloud and Chad Dawson in three of his last five fights. He's still better than Yusaf Mack and Allan Green, and still quite a good fighter, but he's not an ageless wonder. The age shows up. Froch faces Andre Ward later this year.
  • Zsolt Erdei TKO-6 Byron Mitchell: Erdei improves to 33-0 (18 KO) with a reportedly dominant win over Mitchell (28-8-1, 21 KO). Mitchell is way, way past his sell-by date.
  • Edison Miranda UD-8 Rayco Saunders: Oh, look, it's Edison Miranda. He's now 34-5 (29 KO).
  • J'Leon Love UD-4 Lamar Harris: Reports said that this was a little more difficult for 23-year-old middleweight prospect Love (7-0, 5 KO) than the 40-35 scores indicate.
  • Badou Jack TKO-5 Hajro Sujak
  • Ivan Redkach TKO-6 Alberto Amaro

Los Angeles, California (Full Recap)

  • Julio Cesar Chavez Jr MD-12 Sebastian Zbik: I already said about all I have to say about this fight.
  • Mikey Garcia KO-4 Rafael Guzman: Garcia is now 26-0 (22 KO) and says he wants to step up in competition.
  • Vanes Martirosyan TKO-7 Saul Roman: Apparently this was a hell of a rough fight for Martirosyan, who was in real trouble and cut up, but stopped Roman with a gutsy rally in the seventh. Martirosyan (30-0, 19 KO) is considered by many to be an overrated, empty record, but I'd still at least like to see him get a big fight. He's not running from them or anything.
  • Dakota Stone TKO-6 Christy Martin: Injury stoppage, and if you've seen the photos of Christy Martin's hand, you can't blame her.
  • Jessie Roman KO-2 James Grant
  • Oscar Andrade TKO-1 Kai Zama
  • Alejandro Luna UD-4 Pablo Cesar Garcia

Copenhagen, Denmark (Full Recap)

  • Mikkel Kessler TKO-6 Mehdi Bouadla: Less tune-up than massacre. Bouadla (22-4, 10 KO) gave it everything he had, but what he had wasn't nearly enough for even a rusty Kessler (44-2, 33 KO)
  • Dustin Dirks TKO-4 Juan Nelongo
  • Edmund Gerber UD-8 Zack Page
  • Patrick Nielsen TKO-3 Joe Rea
  • Kasper Bruun UD-6 Jay Morris
  • Kim Poulsen KO-3 Tarik Sahibeddine

Cardiff, Wales (Full Recap)

  • Gavin Rees UD-12 Andy Murray: Rees (35-1, 16 KO) was clearly a step ahead of Murray (24-1, 12 KO) for the first half and change of this fight, but his conditioning issues caught up to him again and he had to basically survive this fight. He's now the European lightweight champ.
  • Carl Frampton UD-10 Robbie Turley
  • Jason Cook PTS-6 Mounir Guebbas
  • Steve Williams PTS-6 Araik Sachbazjan
  • Tony Dodson PTS-4 Jamie Ambler

Kempton Park, South Africa

  • Thomas Oosthuizen def William Gare: Even with the win, Oosthuizen will fall out of the BLH rankings at 168 on Monday with Kessler's return to action.
  • Francois Botha TKO-6 Flo Simba: Well so much for Flo Simba.

Mexico City, Mexico

  • Dante Jardon TKO-3 Claudio Rosendo Tapia: Jardon (17-1, 15 KO) is a fun fighter, and at 23 might start facing real competition by the end of the year.
  • Marco Antonio Rubio TKO-3 Ricardo Ramallo: Just a stay-busy win for Rubio (51-5-1, 44 KO).

Hollywood, Florida

  • Richard Hall KO-2 O'Neil Bell: Former cruiserweight champ Bell (26-4-1, 24 KO) hadn't fought in three years, and this is pretty much the end of any legitimate comeback attempt. Reports are he was, to put it scientifically, a hot mess. Hall improves to 30-8 (28 KO).
  • Cedric Boswell UD-10 Kertson Manswell: Bos, 41, is now 35-1 (26 KO). And honestly, if the Klitschkos run through Haye and Adamek, just give Boswell a shot. No worse than anyone else.
  • Domonique Dolton MD-10 Donatas Bondoravas
  • Yasnay Consuegra TKO-3 Ronny Hale
  • Daniel Attah UD-6 John Trigg

Baden, Switzerland

  • Dzmitri Tarenka KO-1 Roberto Belge: Hey, remember in November 2010 when the Hattons drafted Belge (26-2-1, 4 KO) as a worthy European title challenger to Matthew Hatton? Now he's getting knocked out in 1:44 by Tarenka (8-8-1, 2 KO), which I guess isn't THAT surprising, considering how horrible he looked against Hatton.

Tokyo, Japan

  • Yoshihiro Kamegai KO-2 Joel de la Cruz: Hopefully Sidney will have more on this card.

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