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Video: David Haye Has "Plan A, Plan B, and Plan C" for Klitschko Fight

Here's a short video blog by David Haye about the upcoming fight with Wladimir Klitschko on July 2 in Hamburg, Germany:

Haye recently brought in 6'8" British heavyweight prospect David Price (10-0, 8 KO) as a sparring partner to replicate Klitschko's size:

Price’s promoter Frank Maloney said: "Sparring between two top class heavyweight is something you don’t see so you can imagine how good this was."

The big 27-year-old is lined up to face veteran John McDermott on Saturday in Liverpool, which is an interesting fight.

Haye talked about his sparring with Price, Deontay Wilder and Kelvin Price on his official site:

Deontay Wilder and Kelvin Price both arrived from America to help me out, and last week Britain's own David Price dropped into the gym to do a load of rounds with me ahead of his British title eliminator with John McDermott next weekend.

Each of the heavyweights brought different things to the table and they all kept me on my toes. Deontay was athletic, busy and fast with his right hand, while Kelvin brought lots of awkwardness and speed behind a snappy jab. Most of you will have seen David Price box already, but it's fair to say he mimics Klitschko about as well as anybody else in the heavyweight division. His jab is very good, his right hand is heavy and his foundations are extremely solid.

I've sparred David plenty at various stages of my boxing life and it goes without saying that he's better now than ever before. In addition to his great fundamentals, David now has the confidence to throw his hands freely and I've got no doubt he will shock a few people next weekend in Liverpool. I can see David looking a million dollars against McDermott. It will soon be time for new faces in the domestic and world heavyweight division and I feel Price is the man to make the move and become this country's next world-class big guy.

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