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Video: Brandon Rios and Urbano Antillon Get Nasty at Press Conference

Lightweight titlist Brandon Rios and contender Urbano Antillon are both known for not taking steps back in the ring, and they didn't back down from one another at their press conference for the July 9 showdown, either. Rios and Antillon heated it up, and language is definitely not safe for work. If the audio of the presser is an issue for you, they drop a lot of F-bombs, and the money here is in their interviews with Doug Fischer after:

This is a fight I really just can't wait to see. Honestly the press conference didn't increase my interest at all, because I've seen it enough over the years and this came off as particularly dopey, in my opinion, but the fight itself just cannot be less than awesome. Rios is one of those guys I definitely have to compartmentalize, because his outspokenness is just not my sort of outspokenness, but once the bell rings I'm all about the guy. He is a fighter to the extreme and I plan to enjoy his run while it lasts, because the way he fights, it might not last too long.

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