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James Kirkland and Ann Wolfe Ready for a Challenge

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As we mentioned the other day in a rundown of the Khan vs Judah undercard, James Kirkland returns to action this Saturday in Las Vegas, facing a patsy opponent, a club fighter out of Michigan with zero notable fights, named Alexis Hloros.

It's not much of a fight, and Kirkland and trainer Ann Wolfe know that. Speaking to ESPN's Kieran Mulvaney, both indicated that they're ready to get after a contender, with Wolfe giving one of the greatest and most frightening breakdowns of a fighter I've ever heard or read:

"Eventually, he's going to have to fight somebody who's in the top five," Wolfe said. "We're ready now. Show be tell. He's going to be bigger than what he was before he lost. It's truly like, 'We want to kill something,' and they want to give us meat that's already dead. A real predator don't want no cooked meat. You keep feeding a damn lion meat out of the refrigerator, it's gonna lose its predatory instincts. We want something raw, with its eyeballs looking at us, so we can kill it and eat it."

This quote is f***ing awesome. That is raw.

Wolfe says that they're having trouble finding sparring partners for Kirkland because he's beating the hell out of guys in training. I hope that's not just a sell job, because I think most boxing fans want to see Kirkland get that drive back and start reaching his potential as an action star fighter.

And it's good to hear both a fighter and a trainer admit in a position like this that they want to get back to "real" work. Hloros is going to be all but a waste of time for Kirkland's development as a fighter, same as Dennis Sharpe was last month. Given that he shouldn't be in the ring too long on Saturday, I think it's probable we'll see Kirkland featured on either the Mayweather vs Ortiz or Hopkins vs Dawson show this fall.