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Super Middleweight Prospect Shawn Estrada Heading to Mexico on Aug. 13

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2008 U.S. Olympian and super middleweight prospect Shawn Estrada will fight for the first time in Mexico on August 13 in Acapulco, on the undercard of the Juan Palacios vs Armando Torres fight.

Estrada, 26, has had a slow-moving pro career thanks to some nagging injury issues and political aspirations, but has tools that make him an interesting prospect. The buzz has flatlined mostly because the East Los Angeles native hasn't yet faced any stern competition, and hasn't been featured much on television.

Estrada (12-0, 11 KO) isn't stepping with this fight, but he's ready to go.

"I'm pumped to be fighting in Mexico," said Estrada. "I want the fans to remember me and the best way to do that is give them some action."

Estrada will be facing Alvaro Enriquez (11-8-2, 3 KO), who hasn't fought since July 2010.

Here's a video look at Estrada, who talks about his amateur achievements, and the mental side of boxing: