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Video: Jackie Nava vs Ana Maria Torres II, Fight of the Year Candidate

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This past Saturday night in Mexico, bantamweights Jackie Nava and Ana Maria Torres waged their second war of 2011, and this one was even better than their April 16 fight. This is a true Fight of the Year contender (as was the first), and these ladies deserve as much publicity and hype as their male counterparts, so here's the fight from YouTube. Spread the word!

Here's round one:

The rest of the fight:

Round 2 / Round 3 / Round 4 / Round 5 / Round 6 / Round 7 / Round 8 / Round 9 / Round 10

This is just straight up great fighting, so if you're like me and don't really follow women's boxing at all, take my advice and watch the bout. It's absolutely worth it. It'll probably be a cold day in hell before a women's fight wins the BWAA or any other noted Fight of the Year, but the two fights this year between Nava and Torres deserve serious consideration, and this one even more than the first should really be in the discussion right now.