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Private Investigators to Look Into Cause of Death in Arturo Gatti Case

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Former manager Pat Lynch is going to have private investigators look into the 2009 death of legendary battler Arturo Gatti, who died in Brazil on July 11 of that year, news that rocked the boxing world and developed into controversy after, as Gatti's death was ruled a suicide after Brazilian authorities initially held his wife as a prime suspect.

"There were too many things that were left open, too many unanswered questions," Lynch said. "I just wanted to find out what happened that night. No one's going to convince me he took his own life."

[Investigator Paul] Ciolino, who has also examined the Amanda Knox murder case as a consultant for CBS' "48 Hours," said he believes Gatti's death was not a suicide and called the Brazilian investigation "inadequate and downright incompetent." Ciolino didn't give details about his investigation but said when its findings are presented, "there will be little doubt as to what happened."

Gatti's family and friends have always had their doubts about the suicide ruling by Brazilian investigators, and have been searching for what they feel is the undiscovered truth, and a sense of closure for over two years now. A second autopsy in Canada resulted in coroners not ruling out homicide as a potential cause of the death.