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New Friday Night Fights Main Event for 8/19: Grady Brewer vs Demetrius Andrade

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The season finale of Friday Night Fights on August 19 has a new main event, and it will feature junior middleweight prospect Demetrius Andrade in a serious step up for the first time in his young pro career.

Andrade (13-0, 9 KO) will be facing tough and dangerous veteran Grady Brewer (28-12, 16 KO) in the new main event, which replaces the aborted rematch between Mauricio Herrera and Ruslan Provodnikov. Lightweights David Diaz and Hank Lundy will still be in the co-feature at the Horseshoe Casino in Hammond, Indiana.

The 23-year-old Andrade has been featured frequently on Friday Night Fights, and has become a favorite target of color commentator Teddy Atlas, who has expressed a not-unpopular opinion that the 2007 welterweight gold medalist at the World Amateur Championships has feasted on woeful competition to date, and hasn't made as many strides as you would like to see from a standout amateur in his first 13 pro fights. Andrade was last seen on April 22 on Friday Night Fights running over Omar Bell in two rounds.

But Andrade does have talent. Whether or not pure talent will get him past the 40-year-old Brewer is another question. Brewer has struggled with injuries and inactivity since winning "The Contender" in 2006, but on June 17 he was in the Friday Night Fights main event against Fernando Guerrero, and he took Guerrero's "0" with a fourth round stoppage. Brewer showed he has plenty of gas left in the tank to at least be a prospect-checker, and Guerrero had already beaten far better competition than Andrade has to date.

In short, I quite like the fight. It's a legitimate risk taken by Andrade and his team, and a deserved chance for Brewer to show that his June win was no fluke.