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Video: Mayweather vs Ortiz Predictions from Boxing Media on HBO Buzz

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To go hand-in-hand with the fans and "fans" picking the Mayweather vs Ortiz fight, here is another HBO Buzz video, with boxing media talking about the fight:

Bert Sugar: "Floyd is brilliant at what he does. What does he do? He's a great defensive fighter. He draws the lead, then he counters with precision. ... I think Floyd in a late round knockout, if he's the Floyd Mayweather Jr of old."

Tim Smith, NY Daily News: "I think Victor Ortiz is a wild card. And I think any time you have a wild card, there's a certain amount of intrigue. He's young, he's strong, he's powerful. ... Experience is a vast, vast advantage for Floyd in this fight. ... It'll be an exciting fight, but I think Floyd comes out on top."

Chris Mannix, Sports Illustrated: "This guy Victor Ortiz is a great young fighter. He's a southpaw which Floyd historically has had trouble with. But he comes straight at you. Floyd doesn't handle anybody quite as well as guys that come straight at you. So I expect Victor to put up a great fight, but I expect Floyd to win in classic Floyd fashion. ... I learned my lesson a long time ago to stop picking against Floyd because every time I do, I get bitterly disappointed in the outcome."

George Willis, NY Post: "I think it will be a lot more competitive than maybe people think -- maybe I think right now. ... I still think Floyd has tremendous talent and is the best out there, so I see him winning the fight."

Bryan Armen Graham, Sports Illustrated: "Victor's very tough, he's very rugged. I think we saw in his last fight with Andre Berto that he's very durable, that he's got a chin. I do think Floyd is the premier fighter of this generation, and I think he's gonna do enough to get away with a victory."

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One thing I'd quibble with is this idea -- or marketing tool -- that Mayweather has historically had trouble with southpaws. Who? Zab Judah? Judah had about four good rounds in that fight and Mayweather completely took over after that. He whooped Sharmba Mitchell and DeMarcus Corley. There's just no evidence to support a claim that Floyd historically has troubles with southpaws. He doesn't. The best one has ever done against him is Judah, who lost that fight a very clear eight rounds to four at best. And I'm not trying to single out Chris Mannix, either, because he's hardly the first person to say this. The only fighters Floyd has ever had legitimate struggles with in his career are Jose Luis Castillo and Oscar de la Hoya, and to a lesser extent, Emanuel Augustus.

I also wonder if we can really call Ortiz rugged and tough, but then that opens up the question of how much the win over Andre Berto -- still relatively untested himself, particularly given his HBO stature -- really means to you. It was a great win in that it was a great fight and Ortiz exorcised some demons and showed that he did have toughness he was not previously thought to have. Is that good enough to make Ortiz one of the top welterweights? Sure, but the division is thin. Is that good enough to make him a serious challenger to Floyd? Well, yes and maybe. He's about as good a non-Pacquiao challenge as there is right now, so in that sense, yes. But it's not totally about that. There's also just how much better Mayweather (and Manny) are than the field at this point. They're basically playing their own games at 147. It's on Victor Ortiz to announce a true arrival into the upper echelon of the sport, and he took the fight to do just that. I think you can question his in-ring "heart" a little bit still (everyone's guilty until proven innocent in boxing), but I don't question his balls.