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Golden Boy Now Representing Alfredo Angulo

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As the relationship between Alfredo Angulo and promoter Gary Shaw has gone sour this year, with the two not speaking for months, a deal has been reached between Shaw and Golden Boy Promotions, and Golden Boy is now the promoter of the Mexican brawler. Shaw told's Rick Reeno that Golden Boy bought out Angulo's contract, and has taken over Angulo's career.

As we've linked to a few times, Gabriel Montoya of MaxBoxing recently detailed the elaborate saga involving Angulo and his visa difficulties. It's a two-part, must-read, so if you haven't read that yet, do so. Angulo and Shaw were at one time very close, with Angulo even living with Shaw for periods of time in the past. But that relationship simply fell apart due to the visa problems that have prevented Angulo from entering the United States, and the fighter hasn't been in the ring since July 17, 2010. He does have a fight scheduled for August 20 in Mexico.

The speculation now is that Golden Boy could be looking to match Angulo with Saul "Canelo" Alvarez late this year or early next year, but my advice would be to not expect that fight too soon. GBP will be in a position to take time to let that fight "marinate" if they so choose, or to totally avoid it, if they so choose. Frankly, I think there's plenty to the belief that Canelo is being protected from punchers for the time being, because the evidence is just all there.

If Golden Boy can help Angulo with the visa situation, there's no doubt that they can get him back on HBO or Showtime or any other network. He's an exciting fighter, though limited, and people like watching him fight. He'd built up some nice buzz due to his style, even though none of his wins were truly that impressive given his opposition, and he was pretty easily outboxed by Kermit Cintron in his one loss. But boxing has never excluded limited, exciting fighters from star positions, and Angulo has that kind of upside. It's a new day in his career.