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Official Fight Poster for Jan Zaveck vs Andre Berto

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Jan Zaveck and Andre Berto will meet live on HBO from the Beau Rivage Casino in Biloxi, Miss., on September 3, and we've got the official fight poster for the event. This isn't the HBO poster, this is the event poster:


If I were Zaveck, I'd take it as a slap in the face, pure disrespect, that I, the IBF welterweight world cham-peen, am listed as the B-side to Andre Berto, who can't even draw fans in his home state. Oh, I'd be livid! I'd raise the most hell possible.

Or else I'd not really care and just go about my business and be like, "Well, this is my first real fight in America, so, you know, what can you expect? He's been on HBO a lot, and I have not.'

This is what I mean, though -- the event posters are so much better than the TV posters. I mean this isn't amazing or anything, but at least it isn't a hack job formula routine.