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Photos and Quotes: Joseph Agbeko vs Abner Mares

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Abner Mares

"I thought the first knockdown was clear. On the second I hit him on the belt and the ref chose to give him a count. I agree with the ref's choice."

Editor's Note: There was no way to consider the second knockdown anything but a low blow, although when referee Russell Mora was twice shown the replay, he still insisted it wasn't a low blow.

"I like to work the body but I was making the fight and all he did was counter-punch."

"I'm open to fight anybody (next). I love this tournament and would love to be in another one like this.''

Photo by Tom Casino/SHOWTIME

Joseph Agbeko

"I felt as though I was fighting two opponents in the ring tonight, Abner Mares and the referee. The referee ruled incorrectly on the knockdowns and he allowed Mares to hit me low repeatedly. Then, in the 11th, he called what everyone could see was another obvious low blow a knockdown."

"I don't know why these things happened to me. I felt the ref was against me from the start. All I wanted was a fair fight."

"I like Abner. He's a good fighter. But I'm sure he didn't want to win a fight this way.''

Photos by Tom Casino/SHOWTIME