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Michael Katsidis Hopes to Rematch Joel Casamayor in Australia

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As previously mentioned, Michael Katsidis will be staying in the 140-pound division after his easy Saturday win over Michael Lozada, but he's got an old lightweight grudge on his mind, too. From the Sydney Morning Herald:

"There’s no hidden secret – there’s Amir Khan and another one that burns in there is Joel Casamayor. That’s one I’d like to see happen. And I’d like to bring Joel right here into our backyard. Without a doubt. Michael would like to fight all the guys that he’s lost to. We’d love to make it happen," Katsidis’ manager Brendon Smith said.

Katsidis (28-4, 23 KO) is a pretty shop-worn fighter at age 30, having taken and dished out a ton of punishment in an exciting and memorable pro career. But Casamayor (38-5-1, 22 KO) is flat-out shot. Since dropping the lightweight world championship to Juan Manuel Marquez in September 2008, we've seen the 40-year-old Casamayor easily handled by Robert Guerrero, and struggle in wins over club fighters Jason Davis and Manuel Leyva. Casamayor is fighting because he needs money, or at least that's the word, and he really doesn't have a whole lot left.

So with that in mind, sure, it's a fight that makes sense, particularly if you take it to Australia where it could make a little money. Katsidis going for revenge against Casamayor is an OK story, and most just don't really pay attention to the sport beyond the big fights, so it'll be easy to ignore in advertising that Casamayor is dunzo. Katsidis is being smart about the fighters he's targeting. They're saying Amir Khan but it's a pipe dream that isn't going to happen and they know it. Otherwise, the names have been shot Casamayor and faded, undersized Erik Morales, which would be a good action fight and one I'm sure a lot of people would enjoy.