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Video: Al Bernstein Recaps Agbeko vs Mares Controversy

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Here's Showtime Sports analyst Al Bernstein's recap of last night's controversial fight between Joseph Agbeko and Abner Mares:

For those who missed the fight, I do recommend tracking it down or catching a replay. The officiating job by Russell Mora was unbelievable, and this recap video, while good at summing up what happened, doesn't quite give you the full feel of just how awful the referee truly was in this fight. Watching Mora try to defend the low blow knockdown in the 11th round leaves me confused and almost speechless -- keep in mind, he had seen the replay twice just then.

And for the record, not only was that punch low, but it was exceptionally low. For those who say the glove parried the punch, not really. The glove itself is low, but Mares actually lands below the glove. It was a blatant low blow, and Mora was also in perfect position to see it. Furthermore, Mora reacted as if he were finally going to take a point, but instead decided to call it a knockdown. It was truly one of the worst officiating jobs you will ever see, at least in my opinion. The low blows went deep into the double digits, and Mares was warned six times, which meant nothing.

By the way, Oscar de la Hoya's tweeting last night drew some (deserved) criticism, but this was my favorite:

Yes there were low blows but ABNER still won.ohhh and yes the referee was incompetent if u ask me.just being honest my friends.less than a minute ago via Twitterrific Favorite Retweet Reply

I love the classic, "I'm just being honest here" when it accompanies a defense of dishonesty. Then Oscar followed with this:

I watched the fight again and those punches were on the belt line the last one hit agbekos glove.i still have it 115-111.less than a minute ago via Twitterrific Favorite Retweet Reply

I get it, he's the promoter, he can't be like, "Damn, my fighter is dirty and the ref let him get away with bloody testicle murder in there," but still. Maybe just don't say anything.

But here's a screen cap. You make the call. This is moment of impact: