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Bad Left Hook Weekly Boxing Rankings for August 15: No Movement for Mares or Agbeko

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Again not many changes this week. Minor stuff, really. Wasn't a whole lot that went down this last weekend overall, but again, we are slowly but surely getting close to a loaded fall scheduled filled with significant fights.


Michael Katsidis is out as he moved up to 140 pounds and has stated his intention to stay at that weight. Antonio DeMarco comes in to replace him at No. 10, beating out Vicente Escobedo. Those were the only two guys I really gave much thought, though I guess I considered Paulus Moses for a couple seconds. Katsidis does not enter the rankings at junior welterweight.


Despite the controversy of the Mares vs Agbeko fight on Saturday, no change in the rankings here. Mares remains No. 2, with Agbeko still at No. 3. It wasn't the scoring itself that was a real problem, and it was a very competitive fight, just one with 6,000 low blows (I'm guesstimating) and horrible negligence on the part of the referee.

Ranked Fighters in Action This Week

Junior Middleweight (08/20): No. 5 Alfredo Angulo (19-1, 16 KO) vs Joseph Gomez (17-4-1, 8 KO). This fight will be shown on, apparently.

Super Bantamweight (08/20): No. 9 Fernando Montiel (45-3-2, 35 KO) vs Alvaro Perez (21-3-1, 12 KO)

Super Flyweight (08/19): No. 3 Tomas Rojas (36-12-1, 24 KO) vs Suriyan Sor Rungvisai (18-5-1, 7 KO)

Super Flyweight (08/19): No. 7 Cesar Seda (20-1, 15 KO) vs Yan Barthelemy (12-2, 4 KO)

Flyweight (08/20): No. 10 Rocky Fuentes (28-6-2, 17 KO) vs Hirofumi Mukai (5-0, 0 KO)