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IBF Waiting to Receive Formal Appeal from Don King in Ageko vs Mares Controversy

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Just to update everyone who might be wondering, I contacted the International Boxing Federation (IBF) this morning to find out if the sanctioning body had any official statement on the simmering controversy that has come out of Saturday night's fight between Joseph Agbeko and Abner Mares.

The statement right now is that the IBF has no statement, and that they are waiting on Agbeko's promoter Don King to file a formal appeal, which they are "expecting shortly." Agbeko's team said immediately after the fight that an appeal would be filed this week. Agbeko came into the fight the bantamweight titleholder for the IBF, but lost the belt to Mares, with much outrage over the highly-criticized refereeing of Russell Mora.

I don't know what the IBF plans to do in this situation (and they may not yet know, either), but I do know that for the most part, sanctioning bodies don't like doing immediate rematches. That's just how it is. But this may have enough stink around it for the rematch to be ordered, as the criticism has been intense, consistent, and frankly well-deserved. We'll update you when the IBF does make a statement, which could come as early as this week, or could be on the burner for a bit. The body will have to weigh the issue and hear the protest from King and Agbeko, and then go from there.