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The Bad Left Hook Pick'em Game: Season 8 - Week 1

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Fernando Montiel takes on Alvaro Perez this Saturday night in Mexico.  (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
Fernando Montiel takes on Alvaro Perez this Saturday night in Mexico. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
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Another 10 week season of pick'em action begins this weekend, with a line-up of 5 bouts on the game-sheet.

Topping the Week 1 bill is a Friday Night Fights double-header from Chicago featuring 2008 Olympian Demetrius Andrade going up against Grady Brewer and Hank Lundy taking on David Diaz.

Also in action is Matthew Hatton, with the Manchester welterweight looking to bounce back from a one-sided loss to Saul Alvarez in March.  Going up against Hatton at Blackpool's Tower Circus will be Andrei Abramenka.  The 24-year-old visiting fighter enters the contest as a huge underdog, so if you're looking to make a big early splash without risking many points, Abramenka might be worth a play.

The weekend also features the return of Alfredo Angulo after an absence of just over a year.  The Mexican junior-middleweight contender will be squaring off against Joseph Gomez, and as the bout appears to be a big mismatch on paper, we're only offering over/under options on this one.

Fernando Montiel is also in action this weekend, taking on Alvaro Perez in a 10-rounder.  As with the Angulo fight, this one will also only feature an over/under selection.

Just a reminder to everyone: Players are limited over the course of the 10 week season to 10 doubles and 5 triples.  If you're unsure of any other rules - please check the link in the box below.

For those that haven't played before, welcome to the best pick'em game going.  Please join right in and start playing (just make sure to check out the rules - we promise they are very simple).

An explanation of how to fill out your selections appears at the bottom of this post - please follow these instructions as it makes it easier for us to tabulate the results quickly each week.

You can check out last season's final standings here.

Let’s get to the week 1 line-up…

**** Remember you do not need to make a selection on every fight.  If you are unfamiliar with any of the fighters, and don't want to risk points, you are free to PASS on any pick.   You must make at least one selection to receive the 10 point participation bonus****

A. Pick the winner - Demetrius Andrade vs Grady Brewer (Friday, August 19)

1. Andrade to win – risk 5 points to win 5.
2. Brewer to win – risk 5 points to win 5.

B. Pick the winner - Hank Lundy vs David Diaz (Friday, August 19)

1. Lundy to win – risk 7 points to win 3.
2. Diaz to win – risk 3 points to win 7.

C. Pick the winner / Method of victory - Matthew Hatton vs Andrei Abramenka (technical decision counts as decision, DQ counts as stoppage - Friday, August 19)

1. Hatton to win (any method) – risk 8.5 to win 0.5.
2. Hatton by stoppage  – risk 4 to win 5.
3. Hatton by decision – risk 4.5 to win 4.5.
4. Abramenka (any method) – risk 0.5 to win 8.5.

D. Over/Under - Fernando Montiel vs Alvaro Perez (Saturday, August 20)

1. Over 4 1/2 – risk 4 points to win 4.
2. Over 6 1/2 – risk 2.5 points to win 5.5.
3. Under 4 1/2 – risk 4 points to win 4.
4. Under 6 1/2 – risk 5.5 points to win 2.5.

E. Over/Under - Alfredo Angulo vs Joseph Gomez (Saturday, August 20)

1. Over  2 1/2 – risk 3.5 points to win 4.5.
2. Over 5 1/2 – risk 2 points to win 6.
3. Under 2 1/2 – risk 4.5 points to win 3.5.
4. Under 5 1/2 – risk 6 points to win 2.

Please fill out your selections as follows:

Enter the LETTER of the fight first, then whether it’s a single (1), double (2) or triple (3) followed by the NUMBER of your pick and the NAME of the FIGHTER and METHOD of victory (where applicable).

**** You have 10 doubles and 5 triples to use over the 10 week season ****

For Selection A,  if you want to use one of your doubles on Andrade to win...

A.  (2) – 1 – Andrade

For Selection B, if you wish to pick Lundy without using a double or triple...

B.  (1) – 1 - Lundy

For Selection C, if you wanted to use a triple on Hatton to win by stoppage, you would enter...

C.  (3) – 2 –  Hatton by stoppage

For Selection D, if you wish to pass...

D. Pass

Good luck!