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Vic Darchinyan Likely to Look Up in Weight Without Mares or Donaire Rematches

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Keith Idec reports that Vic Darchinyan will probably move up in weight after his September 3 fight in Armenia against Evans Mbamba, as the exciting slugger is only looking to stay at 118 for rematches with Nonito Donaire or Abner Mares.

Neither fight is likely for Vic, so another jump in weight, if he's serious about it, would probably be the move. Darchinyan and Donaire have talked numerous times about a rematch since Donaire flattened Darchinyan in July 2007 in one of the great upsets of recent years (now doesn't look like such an upset, of course), but the talks have always fallen apart. The last time they spoke, Darchinyan was the one who broke off the negotiations.

As for Mares, that could happen, but Darchinyan would have to wait a bit, as the IBF yesterday ordered an immediate rematch between Mares and Joseph Agbeko.

I'm skeptical about how Darchinyan would fare at 122 pounds, but I thought the same about Jorge Arce, who had been less competitive at 118 than Vic has been, and he looked strong and refreshed in his May win over Wilfredo Vazquez Jr, Arce's best performance in years. If Darchinyan does move up and looks for a title shot, a rematch with Arce could be an option. Darchinyan dominated Arce in a long-awaited but overdue fight in 2009.