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Video: Floyd Mayweather Jr on HBO Ring Life

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Here's the six-minute HBO Ring Life feature on Floyd Mayweather Jr, who faces Victor Ortiz on September 17:

Nothing new from Floyd, but as always, the dramatic and polished HBO production makes things at least a little interesting to look at and listen to. I don't think we're going to see anything new from Mayweather on "24/7," either. When the promotion first started with the pressers in New York and Los Angeles, Mayweather was subdued and incredibly calm, which seemed to confuse Ortiz the first day, and then resulted in advisers telling Victor to be more colorful the second day, which amounted to very little other than Ortiz coming off really phony, which I think he even knew and basically admitted, as he kind of said none of it was really his idea.

But if my guts don't have s**t for brains, I think we'll see the same old "Money" Mayweather once the cameras really start rolling and it's time for Floyd to go into salesman mode.