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Tyson Fury on the Cover of September Issue of Boxing Monthly

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Tyson Fury is the cover boy for the September issue of Boxing Monthly magazine. Here's the cover:

Photo by Chris Bevan Photography

Fury (15-0, 10 KO) does seem to be gaining some traction in global media. I think part of it is just because he has a cool name, but the bigger reason is because he's a big, charismatic heavyweight fighter, and the world needs a few more of those these days. He makes for pretty good fights and he's still getting better, and he doesn't appear afraid to take challenges. He's not just hype. He actually fights.

On another note, does anyone still buy or subscribe to boxing magazines like The Ring or Boxing Monthly or Boxing News? I'm truly curious as to how many still read the magazines in the internet age. So much print media has taken massive hits, but to me there's still something about having the magazines in your hand, even though I admit I buy very few anymore and subscribe to none.